Friday, September 19, 2008

A Mere Tale of a Lesser Writer

This is a mere tale of a writer. About a lesser writer who aims to better himself and to write his masterpieces one day. As a kid, he never imagined himself to be one because he was no good with linguistics and with his poor communication skills; he thought that such dream was far beyond his reach.

However, there was one day while he was watching television, enthusiasm to write – stories in particular – started to sprout. Maybe Destiny wanted him to be stronger than he was as well as to stop lamenting over his weaknesses; and to put an end to his I-will-never-achieve-such-dream attitude.

He was ten at that time.

To begin with, that night, he was ordered to go to bed early but he disobeyed his parents and stayed for the night watching a movie – a motivational movie that moved him to write.

As much as he could remember, the movie was about a big strong boy and a dream. One day, the boy found a little boy being picked by a group of hoodlums. As a contradiction to himself who possesses big strong body but lack intelligence, the little boy was a smart one though unable to walk. Without hesitation, he saved the cripple and they became good friends. The handicapped boy offered the big guy his intelligence in exchange for a pair of feet to walk – that is to say, the big guy carries the cripple around on his back – and the big guy, he agrees to it. From that day onwards, they went out for their little adventures together. However, their happy days crumble bit by bit as the cripple was diagnosed to have cancer and will die very soon. Before his end arrives, the cripple gives the big guy one present that changes his life forever. It was a big book beautifully bound by covers made of black leather. The book – it was thick and has many chapters in it but without even a single alphabet written on the pages. Yes, the book contains only blank pages from cover to cover.

The big guy, he has no idea why his beloved friend gave him such present because neither he is good with books nor interested in writing. However, later on, he realises that his late friend wanted him to change himself for the betterment. He started to write about his every day’s activities though he found it very hard, at first, to produce a decent paragraph. No matter how hard he found writing is, he never thought of giving up writing and later found out that success only comes with patience and perseverance. Yes, he succeeds in becoming a well-known writer. From that movie, he – the lesser writer – always thought that the main character very much resembles him. Sadly, he couldn’t recollect the title of the movie.

The lesser writer always thought to himself that if he hadn’t watched the movie that night, no one could tell if he were to have such zest for writing. Indeed, from that night on he started to enjoy writing though he always found himself shrouded with unforgiving problems such as vocabulary insufficiency but he kept on dreaming to achieve that one goal he started since he always believed that no dreams couldn’t be achieved without a strive for it. Because deep inside his heart he knows that Success always appears in the presence of Patience and Perseverance.

Yes, indeed, the lesser writer is me.