Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Decide Is No Easy

In the name Allah, Most Just.

All through my short life so far, I learnt that making decision is not as difficult.

Because it is part and parcel of all living things given the power to think by their Almighty Creator, Allah 'Azza wa Jalla.

Yes, because we are all humans and we make a lot of subtle and unimportant decisions almost every hour, and a few important and life-changing decisions almost every day.

But making decision is no easy task when it involves other people as well.

Who knows when one becomes unjust in the decision-making?

"O ye who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be Just; that is next to Piety, and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do."
[al-Maidah 5:8]

The Holy Quran reminds us not to let our decision be clouded with hatred and wrath as it will divert us from justice. Because vengeance lurks very closely in the depths of hatred and wrath.

But I think, Allah is telling us something even more than what is written in the Scripture. Because with the Holy Quran, there are always meanings need to be read between the lines. Because the speech of God (Kalaamullah) is too beautiful, it has many layers of meaning unfathomable to those who do not think.

I'm not saying I'm wise or anything, but this is my opinion:

The verse above meant to hint us not to make decision or pass on judgement when we are emotional.

By emotional, I do not only mean negative emotions such as ones listed in the verse - hatred and anger and other negative emotions such as jealousy and pride. But I also meant positive emotions: Euphoria for example. Simply because, when one is euphoric one tends to see the world from rose-coloured glasses.

In other words, too strong of emotions can divert us from being just.

The best (I reckon) decision-making should allow some room for benefit of the doubt, lest one cannot foresee what worst consequence one might have to face.

To be just is a responsibility

That makes me thinking: Have I been just in my decisions?

"O Allah, the Refuge of those who seek it! Keep me safe from things I'm afraid of, and keep me safe from being unjust in my decisions."

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tagged (Special Entry)

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Kuasa.

Ketika sedang enak dibuai lagu Kebahagiaan Dalam Perpisahan dendangan Shahir sekejap tadi, hati tetiba terdetik nak buka blog seorang insan merangkap junior-ku. Melihat tajuk entri terbarunya, ada rasa tak kena. 

"Mesti kena tag dengan dia ni," desusku sendirian.

Bila diperiksa, terbukti tekaanku tepat belaka. Ahaha.

Jadi, entri ini ditulis khas untuk tatapan seorang makhluk Allah yang (kononnya :'P) popular dengan nama Airil Azmei atau nama timangannya My First Love (dan nama timangan lain yang bakal dipopularkan kemudian, iaitu Song of My Heart. Ohoho).

But I'm not going to tag anyone, so I'm ignoring rules number 4 and 5. Sesiapa yang berminat nak buat benda alah ni, silakan ye. Tiada paksaan. :')

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

The Goo Goo Dolls - Stay With You
 (p/s: Maksudnya, jangan tanya saja tapi pujuk la sekali. Ahaha)

Rabbani - Satu Qiblat Yang Sama
(p/s: Penting ni, sebagai seorang Muslim yang baik. InsyaAllah)

 Rabbani - Ibu Mithali
(p/s: Alhamdulillah, nak bakal isteri yang solehah dan boleh jadi ibu mithali. Ehehe)

Rahmat - Penyesalan
 (p/s: Tak ingat pun ada menyesal apa-apa hari ni? Ahaha)

Mirwana - Aku Tanpa CintaMu
 (p/s: Sudah tentu untuk mencari Cinta dan Redha Allah)

Ramli Sarip & Jay Jay - Senandung Hidup Berbudi
(p/s: Nak pertingkatkan akhlaq Islamiah, insyaAllah)

Exists - Untukmu Ibu
 (p/s: Yang menyayangi ibu agaknya?)

  +44 - Baby, Come On
(p/s: Anak emas ibubapa. Ehehe. :'P)

Aishah - Syurga Di Telapak Kaki Ibu
(p/s: Semoga ruh mak sentiasa dipelihara dan dikasihi Allah di sana. Ameen)

  Iklim - Pergimu Satu Tanda
(p/s: Ukhwah fillah abadan abada ye?)

The Corrs - All The Love In The World
(p/s: Adakah maksudnya untuk mencari cinta sejati? InsyaAllah da jumpa. Ehehe)

Nickelback - If Everyone Cared
(p/s: Iaitu seorang guru yang inspiring, insyaAllah)

Ramli Sarip - Nyanyian Serambi
(p/s: Mengurat dari serambikah? Ahaha)

M2M - The Day You Went Away
(p/s: Errr . . .)

Edcoustic - Aku Ingin MencintaiMu
(p/s: Alhamdulillah~ Nasib baik sesuai. Ehehe)

Rabbani - Anak Soleh
(p/s: Tersenyum gembira)

  Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
(p/s: Agak la. Tak suka sangat sendirian)

Kumpulan Nasyid Malaysia - Keamanan
(p/s: Mencintai keamanan, bencikan perbalahan dan permusuhan)

  Anuar Zain & Elina - Suasana Hari Raya
(p/s: Errr . . . Ramadhan pun belum lagi ni)

Ramli Sarip & Khatijah Ibrahim - Doa Buat Kekasih
(p/s: Kaulah teman, kaulah kekasih. Sweet tak? Ehehe)

Akhil Hayy - Kembara Di Tanah Gersang
(p/s: Errr . . . apakah? Ahaha)

Itu saja.

Inilah muka seposen My First Love tersebut. Ahaha~ :'P

Dah puas hati, Airil Azmei? :'P

"Ya Allah! Pabila daku bersahabat, ikhlaskanlah persahabatanku hanya keranaMu. Biarkanlah daku mencintai mereka semata-mata keranaMu. Dan kekalkanlah persahabatan yang terjalin selama-lamanya, hingga ke SyurgaMu."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lost and Found

In the name of Allah, the Refuge of those who seeking for it.

I'm back.

A whole day and more of contemplating, reading books and the Holy Quran and talking to some people - and dream about some things meaningful to me, have made me realise what was wrong with myself.

I have personal problems, familial problems and some other problems. These weakened my mental strength and my spirit.

But others might experienced even worse situations. And more importantly, I have experienced more arduous situations than this. Perhaps these were some new situations and I didn't know how to react.

And here was my problem - what was wrong with me: My Imaan was hollowed out. Yes, my soul was weary and exhausted. My heart was cloudy.

You know when that happens. Really, you'll know.

From Abu Hurayrah, the Prophet (pbuh) said: "Keep renewing your Imaan." The companions asked, "O Allah's Prophet! How should we renew our Imaan?"
The Prophet replied, "Recite Laa Ilaaha Illallah often."
[Narrated by Imam Ahmad]

The Prophet (pbuh) said, "Each heart has its own passing cloud, just as the moon when it is shining and there comes a cloud that replaces its brightness with darkness. Whenever it (the cloud) moves on, it (the moon) will shine yet again."
[Abu Nu`am & As-Silsilah As-Sahihah]

From the explanation of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the hadiths above, we know that our Imaan will expire if we don't try maintain and renew it often. As another hadith (narrated by at-Tabrani and al-Hakim) explained that Imaan in our heart will be worn out just the way clothes are worn out, or become thin due to usage. All these happen whenever we sin and commit wrongdoings whether we realise it or not.

I realised this when I sat quietly when finishing my regular Quran recital after Maghrib prayer last night. There were zikirs played on Astro Oasis channel while waiting for azan of Isyak prayer. I was immersed in the zikirs as I followed the recital silently, then I found one of them really moved my heart. I'm not sure what it is called but I call it Istighfar Taubat Nasuha.

When your heart is tainted with black dots you don't realise are there, repentance (taubat) is the best remedy.

I downloaded one mp3 of this Istighfar [click here to download] and listened to it throughout the night while sleeping. I found my pillow soaked with tears. There and then I realised how my soul has been longing to feel again the wonder when I passed through the "liminality threshold" some times ago when I first figured out myself how gracious is Allah the Almighty.

Don't let sin taints the heart as it drives us away from Allah

I believe, every soul longs to see its Creator.

That's why the heart rumbles when we sin because the soul cries out of fright and awe to the Almighty Creator but the self never tried to listen to it.

"Forgive me, O Allah, The Forgiver! Forgive me, O Allah, away from sins. Forgive me, O Allah, The Forgiver! Forgive me, O Allah, away from sins."

Monday, June 21, 2010


In the name of Allah who does not sleep.

A lot of things happened lately.

A lot things which made me sit quietly by myself and think - no, more like contemplating on few things about myself:

My attitude.
My language.

My media use.
My connectedness with people around me.

Have I been just?

"To satisfy humans is infinity," so said a teacher I respected back in school.

But I have people whom I want to satisfy, whom I want to listen to their advices and whom I want to share things with. But I really should know my limit - the very least, the limit I should be abiding so as to be just to others as well.

And for that, I'll be taking a break to think things through.

I have temporarily deactivated my Facebook account.
I may not be updating this blog for awhile.
I may not check my e-mail as often.

Thank you for putting up with me all this while. I'll see you again when I see you - which I don't know how soon.

Yours truly,
Hafizuddin Yahaya @ Chouji.

"O Allah! Guide me onto the Right Path and please keep me away from sins."

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I See You

In the name of Allah, the Owner of Love and Passion.

Okay, just a random title. Really. It has nothing to do with this entry.

This entry is about a pleasant dream I had last night. It was sad but sweet. About a love relationship between a man and his wife. Don't read this if you don't like romance. Cheers. :')


Your Beautiful Soul

He was right in front of the door that leads to his happiness. A brownish yellow envelope he held tightly to his chest. This cannot be true, he said to himself for God-knows how many times. He just could not bring himself past the very door. There was pain and solitude in his distant eyes.

Slowly, he closed his eyes as he breathed in quietly trying to take in all he just heard. The doctor's voice is as clear as his own heartbeats:

"I'm really sorry to have to tell you this: The result of your diagnosis indicates that there are five tumours around your left brain. That's why you have been suffering that tremendous headache you described to me. If only you came to hospital earlier . . ."

And he only had about a year or so to live. How was he supposed to tell that to the one whom he had promised to grow old with?



There was no answer.

He went in. No one at home. Lisa still in her office, he thought. It was nearly end of the year and she usually has loads of work to finish, with accounts and credits and what other things an accountant has to do which he found to be unimportant for an English lecturer like him to understand. But she loved her job and that is enough of a reason for him to let her work.

He looked around and found a note his wife left in the kitchen telling him that she would be home late tonight. There laid his favourite dishes for dinner on the dining table. Seems like she came back to cook during her lunchtime, he smiled.

After shower, he performed Isyak prayer and read the Holy Quran. Reading the Kalaamullah is always his best remedy whenever he is at his lowest - it cheers him up because it feels like the Almighty Himself is talking to him. Such peace, such tranquility. He knew no other peace like this except during prayers and when accompanied by the love of his life. He was so immersed in the reading of the Holy Scripture until he came to a verse that drew tears from his eyes. It says:

"To every people is a term appointed: When their term is reached, not an hour can they delay; nor (an hour) can they advance (it in anticipation)." 
[al-A'raaf, 7:34]

He stopped there. Images from the past filled his vision one after another: The loving faces of his late parents. The tenderness in Lisa's eyes and her beautiful smile on their wedding day - the day when they promised to one another that they will live their lives following the Prophet's tradition as best they could and to be honest to one another about anything and everything. Tears welled up in his eyes because he knew if the news had hurt him, it would her even more. Then how was he supposed to tell her?

And he fell to sleep without realising that the well-upped tears streamed down his cheeks and a few teardrops dripped onto the Scripture on his lap.


"Abang," a soft voice rubbed against his right ear. "Why sleep on the prayer mat? Have you taken your dinner yet?"

"Lisa, you're home." He glanced at where the tears had dropped onto the Quran before putting the scripture back to the high-shelves where it belongs. Then she neared his husband in her work attire and shook his hands and kissed them. She looked as pretty as always, he thought - her innocent eyes of patience that had seen through their ups and downs, her beautiful lips of wisdom that had given him advices and reminders when he needed them most.

"No, sayang. I was waiting for you."

"Abang, let's eat together."

For the first time in their five years of married life that the dining table felt this quiet and cold. They quarrelled and argued about many things every now and then, but they always found a way to make things up whenever they faced one another - looking in each other's eyes, at this very table. There were always jokes and laughters surrounding the atmosphere of their dining table whenever they were having dinner together, not even once they were quiet.

"Abang," said Lisa softly, almost whispering.

"Yes, sayang?"

"Why you're so quiet today?" She looked at her husband unblinking. She knew there was something wrong but assumption was not her game. She wanted to know from him if he were not well.

"How was your work today, sayang?"

"Abang, I think you're not well. You look pale and . . ."

"Had I been a good husband to you?" There was loneliness in his tone and she could feel it. She approached him from the back and embraced him as she answered:

"You needn't ask that, abang. Why, you're the best man I've ever known after my late father," She leaned her head against him until her cheek rubbing his, "and I thank Allah for letting me be the happiest woman by being your wife."

"Thank you," he said weakly.

"Do you still remember," she now sat next to him with his big hands in her small tender hands, "I was a heartbroken girl, fragile to this world and I couldn't believe in any guys because I was betrayed by the one man I used to love? It was you who came to me and opened my heart when you asked for my hands in marriage. And I thank Allah and you for that."

"And do you still remember," she lifted his hands and rubbed her right cheek against them, "every time I was down and stressed by monstrous workloads, it was you who were always there for me whispering supportive and kind words despite your own stress. Your love notes, the beautiful roses, the unexpected gifts - all those made my day. And I thank Allah and you for that."

She smiled softly and said, "Now you have this massive burden loaded on your shoulders, why not share it with me? Didn't Allah promised us that He will not burden us with things we cannot bear? Trust Him and trust me. We'll get through whatever obstacles He tests us with."

Hearing this, he remembered the verse damped with his tears from the Scripture. It says:

"But those who believe and work righteousness, no burden do We place on any soul but that which it can bear..." 
[al-A'raaf, 7:42]

"I'm sorry, sayang. I was being selfish just now. We promised to be honest but I-"

She put her index finger onto his lips. "Hush," she said. "No sorries."

"Okay. I went for a medical check-up today because I had a severe headache. I thought of getting MC for a day or two but I received an unexpected news," he stopped and looked at her tender face, a-waiting with patience.

"The doctor confirmed that I have brain cancer. There are three tumours around my left head. They are still small now, but in a year they will . . . and I may not . . ."

There were tears in her eyes but she was still smiling. She recited two verses from the Holy Quran:

"So, verily, with every difficulty there is relief. Verily, with every difficulty there is relief." 
[al-Inshirah, 94:5-6]

He wiped her tears and as much, he wanted to chase away the fear hiding behind her calm, patient eyes. He knew her well - of her fears, of her insecurities. He felt sorry for her more than he felt sorry for himself.

"I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise to grow old with you and watch our kid become a good Muslim, better than any of us. Yet I-"

"Abang, I said no more sorries."

And there was silence.

". . . what if I don't remember you anymore when my cancer gets worse?" he asked solemnly.

"I'll remind you about us, of our memories together - every day!"

". . . what if-"

"We'll get through. Don't worry, abang. We'll get through everything together."

And there was a long silence.

"Thank you, Lisa," he drew his wife closer to his chest and hugged her tight as if he were not letting her go, forever. And he kissed her forehead passionately, "I love you."

"I love you too, abang."


Okay, my dream was not this detailed. I made up many parts of this story to suit my taste and creativity. Which part is originally from my dream, I wouldn't tell. So don't bother to ask,okay? :'P

"O Allah! Grant us with life partner and children who can bring us peace and tranquility, not ones who will cost us our Imaan. And we beseech Thee, o the Almighty Allah! Send Thy assistance to our oppressed brothers in Palestine. Indeed, without Thy help, we are all weak and powerless."

Friday, June 4, 2010

Biar Manis Bicara

Dengan nama Allah yang memiliki Nama-nama yang indah.

Saya rasa, kebanyakan dari kita semua tahu dengan apa yang berlaku kepada konvoi keamanan Flotilla yang sepatutnya dihantar ke Palestin. Ya, mereka diserang oleh gerombolan askar Yahudi Zionist dan 16 orang yang tidak berdosa telah terkorban. Saya percaya ramai yang lebih tahu dan up-to-date berkenaan isu ini dari saya sendiri, jadi bukan niat saya untuk melaporkan tentang apa yang berlaku.

Saya sekadar ingin menyuarakan pendapat.

Membaca komentar-komentar berkenaan isu ini di internet - di laman-laman blog and status rakan-rakan di Facebook, saya sedikit kecewa. Kecewa dengan kata-kata kesat yang dilemparkan kepada Yahudi Zionis yang mencabul hak rakyat Palestin serta undang-undang keamanan antarabangsa secara amnya.

Beza Yahudi dan Israel
Pertama sekali, ada baiknya jika saya menjelaskan sedikit tentang perbezaan antara Yahudi dan Israel. Mungkin ramai yang berkata, "Sama je kan Yahudi dan Israel? Laknatullah juga." tetapi lain pula yang tercatat di dalam al-Quran. Ya, kedua-duanya terdapat di dalam al-Quran tetapi setiap lafaz ditujukan kepada golongan yang berbeza.

Menurut pembacaan dan kajian saya sendiri (maaf, tiada sumber yang dapat sertakan di sini), Bani Israel merujuk kepada keturunan Nabi Ibrahim a.s melalui anak baginda iaitu Nabi Ishak a.s. Kebanyakan mereka imannya tidak kukuh, maka oleh itu Allah telah utuskan ramai para Nabi dan Rasul untuk memimpin mereka kembali kepada Allah. Dan antara nabi dan rasul tersebut ialah Nabi Musa a.s. Ya, Bani Israel inilah yang telah ditindas oleh Firaun sepertimana yang tercatat di dalam al-Quran.

Untuk melepaskan diri dari cengkaman zalim Firaun, Allah telah memerintahkan Nabi Musa a.s. untuk memimpin kaumnya untuk berhijrah ke Kan'an (yang kini dikenali sebagai Palestin). Kan'an pada ketika itu diduduki oleh satu puak yang kuat. Bani Israel yang sememangnya suka mempertikaikan perintah Allah mula mempersoalkan tentang kebarangkalian mereka untuk berjaya mengambil alih Kan'an. Nabi Musa a.s yang marah dengan segolongan besar Bani Israel yang enggan memasuki Kan'an bersama baginda telah mengharamkan mereka ini dari menjejaki Kan'an selama 40 tahun. Mereka inilah yang pada hari ini kita kenali sebagai bangsa Yahudi. Mereka inilah bangsa yang tiada tanahair kerana tidak mahu menuruti perintah Tuhan mereka.

Kenapa Yahudi? Golongan yang diharamkan masuk ke Kan'an ini dikenali sebagai Yahudi kerana mereka ini berasal dari keturunan seorang Bani Israel bernama Yahudha (maaf, jika silap pada ejaan). Beliau adalah salah seorang dari mereka yang enggan menuruti perintah Allah untuk memasuki Kan'an dan juga merupakan salah seorang daripada ketua mereka yang merempat di luar Kan'an.

Jadi, tindakan mereka menduduki Palestin selepas Perang Dunia ke-2 adalah dengan alasan mengambil semula tanah air yang kononnya telah dijanjikan Tuhan.

Negara Israel adalah negara yang tidak sah kerana bangsa Yahudi adalah bangsa tanpa tanahair

(Nota tambahan: Zionis pula merujuk kepada fahaman sebahagian besar puak Yahudi kini yang dengan jelas bertentangan dengan ajaran yang dibawa oleh Nabi Musa a.s. Mereka inilah yang dikatakan akan menjadi pembantu kepada al-Masih ad-Dajjal Laknatullahi 'alaih)

Mengapa Mencela?
Sungguh, seperti yang telah dijelaskan di atas Yahudi sememangnya satu bangsa yang acapkali ingkar perintah Allah Ta'ala. Merekalah bangsa yang telah Allah tukarkan menjadi kera kerana ingkar larangan menangkap ikan pada hari Sabbath (iaitu hari Sabtu, yang merupakan hari suci dan mulia kepada Bani Israel sepertimana hari Jumaat kepada umat Islam dan hari Ahad kepada umat Kristian). Mereka juga bangsa tanahair yang diharamkan memasuki Kan'an. Malahan mereka jugalah bangsa yang banyak membunuh nabi-nabi yang diutuskan dari kalangan mereka sendiri sepertimana nasib yang menimpa Nabi Yahya a.s.

Ya, mereka tidak berperikemanusiaan. Mereka kurang ajar. Lebih teruk lagi, mereka ini ingkar perintah Allah Ta'ala. Tetapi mari kita bertanya kepada diri kita sendiri beberapa soalan ini sebelum kita mahu mula mencela dan mengeluarkan kata nista kepada mereka:

1) Sudahkah kita menjadi hamba yang ta'at kepada Pencipta kita? Atau kita sendiri masih terkial-kial sekadar untuk menjalankan tanggungjawab untuk menjadi seorang Muslim yang ta'at?
2) Sudahkah kita menjadi anak yang ta'at kepada kedua ibubapa kita? Atau kita masih acapkali membuatkan mereka menitis airmata?
3) Sudahkah kita menunaikan tanggungjawab kita kepada saudara seagama kita - para sahabat dan jiran tetangga kita? Atau kita masih dibuai arus materialistik dunia?
4) Sudahkah kita mensucikan hati dengan mempraktikkan sifat mahmudah? Atau kita masih lagi dikuasai hati yang kotor dinaungi sifat mazmumah?

Luangkan seminit untuk menjawab persoalan-persoalan ini kepada diri sendiri. Hitung kelemahan diri dan muhasabah setakat mana kita telah menjadi Muslim yang baik sebagaimana yang dituntut Allah dan diajarkan melalui Rasulullah s.a.w.


Secara peribadi, saya akui saya masih lagi bukan seorang contoh Muslim yang baik (walaupun keinginan dan usaha untuk baiki itu ada). Dan atas sebab itu, saya merasakan yang saya tiada hak untuk mengutuk mana-mana makhluk Allah yang lain Sebagai seorang Muslim, kita ada hak kepada Allah, kepada sesama makhluk dan hak kepada alam sekitar kita yang perlu dipenuhi. Dan Islam mengajar kita untuk menghormati sesama makhluk Allah dan tidak menyakiti antara satu sama lain - inilah hak sesama manusia yang perlu kita penuhi, walaupun mereka tidak beragama Islam. Mari lihat hadith di bawah:

Dari Ibnu Abu Laila bahwa ketika Qais bin Saad r.a. dan Sahal bin Hunaif r.a. sedang berada di Qadisiyah, tiba-tiba ada iringan jenazah melewati mereka, maka kedua berdiri. Lalu dikatakan kepada keduanya: "Jenazah ini adalah termasuk dari penduduk tempatan (orang kafir)." Mereka berdua berkata: Sesungguhnya Rasulullah s.a.w. pernah dilewati iringan jenazah, lalu beliau berdiri. Ketika dikatakan: Jenazah itu Yahudi, 
Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda: "Bukahkah ia juga manusia?"
[Riwayat Muslim]

Benar, tujuan asal hadith ini adalah untuk mengingatkan kita tentang kematian tetapi pada masa yang sama, Rasulullah s.a.w. sedang mengajar kita untuk menghormati sesama makhluk Allah. Sedangkan Rasulullah sendiri menghormati jenazah orang Yahudi, lalu apa hak kita untuk mengutuk, melaknat dan mencerca dengan kata nista kepada bangsa Yahudi yang sedang hidup melata di bumi Allah?

Bukan tidak boleh membenci, tetapi biar betul caranya. Islam mengajar kita membenci perbuatan yang mengingkari perintah Allah Ta'ala, bukan membenci makhluk ciptaanNya. Sesama insan, biarlah kita manis berbicara dan lemah-lembut serta berpekerti dalam tindakan, walau kita dilayan dengan buruk sekalipun. Saya sangat menyanjungi dan mengkagumi tindakan seorang sukarelawan keamanan beragama Islam yang telah merawat seorang tentera Yahudi Zionis yang cedera (sepertimana yang ada dilaporkan dalam sebuah media elektronik) walaupun telah nyata tindakan tentera-tentera Zionis telah menzalimi mereka.

Bagi saya, inilah contoh pekerti dan akhlak yang patut dipamerkan oleh setiap Muslim - sentiasa berakhlak mulia walau ditindas sekalipun.

Tindakan Kita
Usahlah kita membazir masa dan tenaga kita dengan mencerca Yahudi Zionis. Pada pendapat saya, banyak lagi perkara yang lebih berfaedah boleh kita lakukan, contohnya:

1) Berdoalah di setiap solat dan waktu yang terluang, memohon bantuan Allah kepada saudara seagama kita yang ditindas di seluruh dunia terutamanya di Palestin dan Gaza.
2) Sebarkan maklumat tentang kekejaman tentera Zionis Yahudi melalui medium yang kita mampu seperti blog dan Facebook dengan intonasi informatif, bukan menghasut dan dipenuhi emosi.
3) Menyertai demonstrasi aman atau menandatangani petisyen menentang tindakan zalim Yahudi.
4) Sumbangkan bantuan dalam bentuk tenaga atau dana kewangan kepada saudara seagama kita.
5) Memboikot produk-produk Yahudi yang diyakini menyumbang kepada penindasan saudara seagama kita.

Ada banyak lagi cara lain yang boleh kita lakukan untuk menyalurkan bantuan kepada saudara seagama kita yang tertindas di serata dunia yang tidak saya sertakan di sini.

Banyak pilihan kita ada untuk membantu mereka. :')

They say, "every little act of kindness can make a difference." Jadi, marilah mulakan usaha kita membantu rakyat Palestin dan menentang kekejaman Yahudi dengan menandatangani petisyen ini [klik untuk link].

Saya sudah tandatangani petisyen ini. Anda pula bagaimana?

"Ya Allah, ya Tuhan kami! Tuhan Muhammad, dan Tuhan Musa - Engkau Maha Mendengar dan Maha Berkuasa ke atas setiap sesuatu. Hantarkanlah bantuanMu dalam bentuk yang tidak disangka-sangka kepada saudara-saudara seagama kami yang sedang ditindas di serata dunia, sepertimana Engkau pernah menghantar kumpulan beburung Abaabil untuk menghancurkan tentera Abrahah dan bantuan angin mengaburi pandangan tentera musyrik di peperangan Badar. Sungguh, hanya kepada Engkaulah tempat kami mengadu nasib dan bermohon pertolongan. TanpaMu kami ini lemah, ya Allah!"