Friday, November 26, 2010

The Wait

In the name of Allah who Knows us better than we know ourselves.

I was bored and feeling a bit down. So I wrote this story to cheer myself up. This is hundred percent fiction. :')


It was a sultry moonlit night. There was no soothing breeze blowing that night leaving the train passengers soaking in sweat. Even the air conditioners were not working properly. Feeling dehydrated, I went to get a soft drink from the food vendor opposite the station.

That’s two ringgit, son. You have to be patient,” said the old lady from the vendor. Why? I asked. “Because the train is going to be real late tonight.

I went back to the station. I looked for an empty seat near the air conditioner and I spotted a nice seat next to a married couple with their only son of about four years of age. I sat there sipping my iced soft drink while reading a book.

I was not sure how long have I been reading the book when I felt somewhat sleepy. I looked at my wristwatch and it was already half past midnight. Geez, where is the train? I thought to myself.

I have been waiting for one and a half hour and there was no sign of the train. Most passengers looked very upset and tired. I noticed the children who were running around the station playing tag earlier were now snoring aloud in their parents’ lap near one corner of the station. Next to them, a group of teenagers who were laughing very loudly while snapping a lot of pictures were now furious and some of them were cursing the train company and its bad management. Not far from the management office, a staff from the train company were sweating and stammering in answering a lot of questions in the language they were not fluent in when two middle-aged foreigners confronted him, demanding an explanation as to why the train was late. Anywhere in the station were faces of people fatigued with this long wait. This included the couple next to me.

I hate this!” the wife raised her voice. “We have waited for more than two hours already. Where is the train?

Hush, love. You are going to wake Adam,” said the man calmly.

But the train is late!

I know, I know . . . but be patient, okay? Everyone else is in the same shoes as we are. Okay, Anis?” The man reached for his wife’s hand and held them tightly in his. His eyes met mine and he smiled. I smiled too. Blushed, I lowered my head and looked at the floor. I was an unmarried man anyway. I always get embarrassed at the sight of married people cuddling (even though they look so sweet).

The train management is so irresponsible! They could have at least made an announcement telling us that the train would be late, can’t they?” the man’s wife continued her protest. Their son made a sobbing sound and she comforted him. She wiped his sweat and rocked him in her lap until he feel back to sleep. “I’m going to complain about this!” she added in a lower voice, almost whispering to his husband.

Anis, do you want to hear a story?” the man asked his wife after a few moments’ silence. I put down my book so that I could listen more attentively to the story. The wife nodded.

Do you remember when we first met?

Of course I remember! We always talk about it, don’t we?

The man nodded. From the man’s description, I understood that they met during their final year’s studying abroad. It was because the woman was late to class one day and she missed the last bus to campus. That was when the man, in his shabby car, stopped by and asked whether she wanted a ride as he was also going to campus.

I still remember how you stammered when you wanted to ask me to ride on your car!” the woman laughed a little when she pinched her husband’s cheek.

Her husband was red with little embarrassment. “What do you expect? I was single and you were so pretty. It made me nervous, you know!

Luckily I was single at time, right? I have just broken up with my ex-boyfriend.

I was lucky because you were single, you say?” the man smiled cheekily. “You got it wrong, dear.

You mean . . .

Yes, I knew you two years earlier but I didn’t dare talk to you because I knew you had a boyfriend.

And you waited for two years . . . ?

Yes, I did,” the man smiled sweetly. “And the wait was worthwhile.

The woman blushed. She realized now that her two-hour wait for the train was nothing compared to how painful the two years’ wait her husband had endured to wait for her. She pecked lightly on his husband’s cheek while thanking him. I smiled witnessing the scene. How sweet.

 Do you wait patiently? :')

As for me, I learnt another valuable thing from this married couple: Good things come to those who wait patiently. The man waited patiently for the woman and they are now living happily as man and wife. So I guess, there must be something good in store for me for this wait? I do not know. But I strongly hope so.

Because good things surely come to those who wait patiently.

"O Allah! I beseech Thee to grant me patience and to place me with al-Muqarrabeen."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Salam 'Aidil 'Adha 1431H

Dengan nama Allah, Tuhan sekalian alam.

Alhamdulillah, hari ni telah berjaya melaksanakan puasa sunat Arafah (memandangkan saya tidak berjaya menyempurnakan puasa enam Syawal. Kurang dua hari sahaja). Dan dengan terbenamnya mentari di ufuk barat (walaupun tidak kelihatan dek hujan yang tiada henti) sekejap tadi, tibalah sudah 10 Dzulhijjah 1431 Hijrah iaitu hari untuk umat Islam menyambut Hari Raya 'Aidil 'Adha.

Sambutan ini bertitik tolak dari kisah Siti Hajar ditinggalkan oleh Nabi Ibrahim (a.s) bersama putera mereka iaitu Nabi Ismail (a.s). Sambutan ini juga sebagai mengingati kisah pengorbanan Nabi Ibrahim (a.s) yang menurut perintah Allah Ta'ala untuk menyembelih puteranya sendiri yang tidak sedikit pun gentar, malah sabar dan redha dengan ketetapan Allah itu. Dan selanjutnya kita semua tahu tentang Allah Ta'ala menggantikan Nabi Ismail (a.s) dengan binatang sembelihan berupa kibas.

Jadi, 'Aidil 'Adha banyak disisipkan dengan kisah kesabaran dan kisah pengorbanan. Mari tanya diri kita: Adakah kita tergolong dari mereka yang banyak bersabar? Sudah banyakkah kita berkorban untuk agam Islam? Jawab kepada diri sendiri dan dari situ, mari kita bersama perbaiki diri.

Peringatan ini terutamanya buat diri sendiri. Bersabarlah dengan ujian Allah. Ingatlah wahai diri: Semakin banyak dan besar kemahuan kita, semakin berat ujian Allah. Ketika itulah Allah mahu melihat betapa besar pula kesabaran dirimu. Dan tentang pengorbanan. Ketika bersabar itu, jangan pula kikir untuk berkorban. Allah pandang pada usaha, bukan pada hasil. Dan lebih banyak dan besar sesuatu pengorbanan, insyaAllah akan lebih besar bantuan yang datang dariNya.

Akhir kalam, saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan,

Selamat menyambut Hari Raya 'Aidil 'Adha kepada seluruh umat Islam. Semoga berjaya menghayati maksud sebenar kesabaran dan pengorbanan, insyaAllah. :')

-p/s: Tetiba rasa syahdu selepas bertakbir berjamaah di surau mengingatkan diri sendiri yang menyampaikan khutbah untuk solat sunat 'Aidil 'Adha pada tahun lepas di surau Kelburn. Pengalaman pertama kali, dan mungkin, sata-satunya peluang seumur hidup. Allahu a'lam.

"Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Walillahil hamd."

Friday, November 12, 2010


In the name of Allah, most Knowledgeable.

This is just a quick update -- I'm still not in the mood to write anything yet (I'm really, really sorry for that).

As of today, I am no longer a student. But I'm not yet a graduate though. I'm sort of in between the two - I am what you call a GRADUAND.

Here is the definition of graduand I found online:

(n.) A university student who has completed the requirements for, but has not yet been awarded, a particular degree.

This is one of the reasons why I love English:  It has words for something in different context even though it originates from the same thing. Try find the meaning for 1) meteor, 2) meteoroid, and 3) meteorite. I hope you'll understand what I meant.

One more thing; Let me share the result of my 5 and a half year learning and improvising myself to be an English teacher: I passed the TESL course and will be rewarded with second-upper (2.1) class degree. Not too great, I know -- it's not like receiving a first class degree with honours or something. But still, it means a lot of things to me.

 For this, I thank Allah and everyone who has contributed (directly or indirectly) and has made things easier for me throughout this 5-and-a-half year. I don't want to write any name here -- in fact, I can't. It would take me hours to list down all names.

"O Allah! I thank You for all the things You have given to me and beseech You to bless everyone who has helped me throughout this year. I pray for their happiness, prosperity and bliss in this life and the Hereafter."

-p/s: My "angka giliran" as a TESL student in IPBA is 0021 and I received 2.1 for my degree. I find that to be such beautiful "coincidence". :')